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Who Should Attend the 2017 CIGO Summit? Here’s our list…

Beginning with the inaugural CIGO Summit in 2015, IGI and its partners have worked hard to establish and define the playbook of information management, the role of a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) and the mission critical role they play in the success of his/her company.

As we move closer and closer to the CIGO Summit in the windy city, we continue to work to ensure not only that the right information is being shared, but also that the right people are getting it at the right time.

So who should be attending the CIGO Summit? Below you will find examples of personnel that would likely benefit from attending this Summit.

  1. Legal leaders

A high performing CIGO must have a keen understanding of the compliance matters his/her company operates under to perform with excellence in this role. Because of this, general counsel and other legal leaders are ideal candidates for the Summit, as they will be working alongside, and sometimes overseeing, the CIGO should their organization adapt this newly created C-level position.

  1. Technology Executives

Much like legal leaders, technology executives work side-by-side and often as superiors and direct reports to an organization's CIGO. While a CIGO will not generally have an extensive background in technology, they must understand and be current with the changing technologies on the market that impact their company and their business. Learning this key role of a CIGO from the other side will prove invaluable in proper execution along this significant business intersection.

  1. Business Operation Heads

The final piece of the most clearly visible multi-discipline intersection of a CIGO’s job lies in business operations. Just like the CIGO must understand, if not have a full background in business operation, so too should leaders in this space have a keen sense of the perspective and viewpoint from which a CIGO is likely to come from.

  1. CEOs

The ideal direct report for a CIGO and ultimately the biggest decision maker in any organization. If your company is considering or is at least open to considering creating the position of CIGO, having the CEO there is a must. Not only will he/she need to know what this newly created executive does, but the CIGO may very well be a direct report to the CEO.

  1. CIOs

Alongside the CEO, the CIO may be the most important individual within a company to attend the CIGO Summit. Due to the close knit nature of their respective jobs, it’s vital CIOs and CIGOs understand the differences in responsibility and perspective between these seemingly similar positions. In many organizations the CIGO reports directly to the CIO, so that is yet another reason CIOs do themselves and their companies a great service by attending this summit.

Join us May 10-11, 2017 in Chicago for another fabulous, ideas-rich event with some of the best and brightest minds in IG. To learn more about this year’s CIGO Summit and to register, please click here. We look forward to seeing you!