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Need a Reason to Attend the 2017 CIGO Summit? Well, Here Are Ten.

The CIGO Summit, held May 10-11 in Chicago, has defined the critical and emerging role of the Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO). In our third annual event, we will continue to drive into the details of what it means to be an information leader.

1. Your Peers
Nowhere else can you find a gathering of the people like those who come to the CIGO Summit – both those who control millions in IG budget and lead large teams and those information leaders who are just beginning their journey. Information leaders from the world’s leading companies (e.g., Walmart, Pfizer and MasterCard) help make the CIGO Summit what it is.


2. Groundbreaking
Much like the evolution of the CIO as a standalone role in the 1980s, we believe the CIGO is beginning to do that today. Come be a part of helping modern businesses redefine how their organizational information is managed, governed and deployed.


3. Help Define a New Path
The role of the CIGO is still very much being written. We focus on the cutting edge of information governance by helping to refine the role of the CIGO and deploy more of these new age executives into the marketplace.


4. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors
Due to the ever-developing nature of this information governance revolution, many companies are simply not up to speed. We help provide insight to gain a significant advantage over your competitors in the area of information governance knowledge and best practices.


5. The Experience
“The single most important industry event I have yet attended; densely packed with immediately useable approaches, methodologies and best practices; staffed by passionate and supremely experienced SMEs – both within and extraneous to the discipline – providing a 360-degree view of the imminent CIGO revolution; overall a grand slam. A definite repeat for next year!” – Richard Kessler, Executive Director Information Lifecycle Governance, Group Information Security Office UBS


6. We Get to the Point
If there is one thing we hate, it’s wasted time. It’s a resource that simply can’t be replaced. CIGO is jam-packed with useful and actionable knowledge pertaining to information governance. All this is packed into 1.5 fast-paced days.


7. The Experts
This year’s CIGO Summit features speakers like: Mark Milone of The Boeing Company, Aaron Murphy of McCormick & Co., Roman Coleman of The Options Clearing Corporation, Ajay Asthana of Pretium Analytics, Bennett B. Borden of Drinker, Biddle & Reath as well as many more. For a complete list of speakers, click here.


8. The Depth
As an interdisciplinary pursuit, there is so much to talk about in IG. Our fast-paced format allows us to cover a broad range of topics while drilling down on the ones that we believe are the most important for CIGOs in 2017, including information valuation, cybersecurity, and strategies for finding and building your IG team.


9. The Location
Every time we return to Chicago we are reminded what a beautiful city it truly is. And your fortieth floor conference space with floor-to-ceiling glass windows affords a view of that city that is second to none. CIGO Summit is easy to get to and in the heart of the action.


10. The Trends
There is no better way to keep pace with the legal, technological, political and economic trends that are affecting IG now and in the future than to sit together with the experts and your peers and hear what's on their minds.

Join us May 10-11, 2017 in Chicago for another fabulous, ideas-rich event with some of the best and brightest minds in IG. To learn more about this year’s CIGO Summit and to register, please follow the link below.