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Download Our Newest Comprehensive Case Study on Les Schwab

As part of the IGI’s ongoing work to help professionalize and promote information governance (IG) we have the opportunity to see how hundreds of different organizations approach IG. Although every organization’s IG challenge is unique there are actually more similarities than differences in IG problems and their solutions.

By looking at one organization’s experience with IG in detail, we can learn valuable lessons and gain practical insights that will help all IG professionals mature their IG programs.

This case study reveals a typical but complex IG problem: managing the relationships among key IG players, including:

  1.  Outside law firms that play a central role in approving, blocking, and/or advising on key IG decisions (like information retention and preservation).
  2. IG technology vendors that supply the necessary capabilities to understand and take action on your information.
  3. IT departments that actually have their hands on the dials and levers of the systems that house and control your information.
  4. Business stakeholders like department heads who will be directly affected by the policy and technology choices you make.
  5. Risk-focused departments like legal and audit that own key IG decisions.

IG projects require tight alignment and coordination amongst these groups. However, given that these groups often have differing levels of interest, expertise, and even competing goals, this dynamic often derails otherwise well-designed and executed initiatives.

The key to navigating this dynamic is establishing clarity about the role of each stakeholder – especially about each player's mandate and level of authority. Again and again we see nobody taking IG decision-making authority unless it is clearly given to him or her – often simply out of a desire to avoid conflict and to get along with colleagues. Given the relative immaturity of IG, the owner of this authority is often unclear.

As we will see in this case study, Les Schwab found a way to work closely with these stakeholders, and in particular establish a close and fruitful relationship with an outside law firm that not only accelerated its project, but also helped to increase its positive impact on the organization.

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IGI and TGCI’s “The Exchange” Presents The Information Governance Forum 2017

November 1st, 2017-The Buckhead Club
Atlanta, GA

Colloquium Lead Moderators:
Barclay T. Blair
Information Governance Initiative

Jason R. Baron
Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

“The Exchange” Information Governance Forum – Atlanta, is the first program developed and delivered through the new TGCI partnership with IGI. Building off TGCI’s successful roundtable format, this inaugural Forum will focus on facilitated conversations designed to rapidly increase your IG insight and fluency. Beginning with a discussion of IG as a concept discipline and market based on the IGI’s Annual Report research series, this day of peer discussion will move through a broad range of topics, each with a practical implication for IG programs at all levels of maturity.

Some pressing topics that "The Exchange" will cover are:

  • Who Is Doing IG, and What Are They Doing?
  • Identifying and Coordinating IG Stakeholders
  • GDPR and IG: What You Can Do Today
  • IG and Cybersecurity: The Role of the General Counsel and the IG Team
  • Governing Information Over the Long Term – How Do We Manage Digital Information That We Must Keep Forever?
  • Case Studies in IG

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IGI Charter Supporter DBR Launches New Blog on Privacy and Security

IGI Founding Supporter Drinker Biddle recently launched DBR on Data, a blog that offers insights and outlooks from privacy, security and information governance professionals across the firm.

With GDPR looming, and cybersecurity breaches only seeming to grow in magnitude and impact each day, the need for IG professionals to understand these issues and address them as part of a comprehensive IG program has never been greater. We applaud DBR for bringing the resource to the community and we encourage IGI members to check it out.

Recent posts include:

Visit the blog and subscribe.


Leveling Up Your IG Program: Opportunities Beyond Best Practices

by Doug Meier - Pandora Media Inc. on September 12, 2017

Information GovernanceIn-House CounselLegal & Industry Education

Whether in “startup” mode or in “recurring initiative” mode, we expect a lot from an information governance (IG) program and its leaders.

For example, the program should follow agreed-upon best practices, like adhering to a maturity model and aligning with the concept of Privacy by Design, and should establish processes like records management and legal hold notification. Likewise, the program leaders are expected to communicate policies and procedures, identify and remove unstructured data debris—including redundant, obsolete, and trivial information (ROT)—and maintain ongoing IG efforts.

These are all admirable goals and objectives, but it’s not enough. For an information governance program to survive, it requires alignment with and embracement of objectives that go beyond best practices and standard guidance. Here are a few ways to level up your IG program.

To read the article in full, head over to Relativity's blog by clicking here.


Join the IGI at Relativity Fest, October 22 – 25 in Chicago

Find Out How to Put IG into Action

Join the IGI at Relativity Fest, October 22 – 25 in Chicago, for actionable takeaways to build a winning IG program and gain quick insights into your data with analytics tools.

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Make sure to check out these sessions hosted by the IGI:

What Made Pandora Finally Hear the IG Music: Barclay T. Blair, founder and executive director of IGI, and Doug Meier, director of information governance, risk and compliance at Pandora, will share how Pandora reduced data storage costs and e-discovery risks with an IG program.

Lawyering in the Information Age: Analytics Success Stories Using Relativity: Bennett B. Borden, founder and chair of IGI, and Dean Gonsowski, VP of business development at Relativity, will share stories and guidance about successfully leveraging analytics tools.

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Join IGI & Actiance for an Executive Briefing

Thursday, October 12th, 11:30am - 1:30pm
London Chop House, Detroit


Join us for lunch with eDiscovery expert Barclay Blair of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) for an interactive discussion of how social media, voice, mobile, and messaging apps are changing eDiscovery.

RSVP now and learn:

  • How to capture and preserve these new forms of communications like WeChat and WhatsApp, among others
  • How you can improve alignment of legal, IT, and other stakeholders in evaluating potential litigation risks
  • How Actiance can help you meet your eDiscovery obligations with confidence



Barclay Blair - Founder & Executive Director, Information Governance Initiative (IGI)

Barclay T. Blair is a consultant to Fortune 500 companies and government institutions, and is an author, speaker, and internationally recognized authority on a broad range of policy, compliance, and management issues related to information governance technology.


Michael Rutty - Subject Matter Expert (SME), Actiance

Michael Rutty is a Subject Matter Expert for Information Archiving for Actiance. Previously, Michael was Technical Evangelist at Varonis Corporation, focusing on Data Governance and Cyber Security. He has served in similar capacities at Autonomy/HP, CommVault, and Veritas/Symantec.