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Support International Research Into IG at Public Authorities

The IGI is proud to support the work of institutions around the world doing research and and other work to promote our understanding and adoption of IG as a discipline and a profession.

One of those group is the InterPARES Trust, a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project exploring issues concerning digital records and data entrusted to the Internet. Our friend and colleague Vicki Lemieux (who has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of these issues) has asked us to let you know about a research project that could use your help.

Their research survey aims to capture perspectives on the nature of Information Governance in order to enhance their understanding of this developing domain.

In particular, they are focusing on those with IG experience within public authorities.

So if this is you, please take a few moments today and complete the survey. The survey has 15 optional questions and should take about 10 minutes. You can also save your work and come back to it later. The survey closes on April 3 at 4 pm PST.

The research is a partnership between the iSchools at UCL (Dr. Elizabeth Lomas, Dept. Information Studies) and University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (Dr. Basma Makhlouf Shabou, Prof. Dept. Information Sciences, Geneva School of Business Administration HEG). For any questions or further information, please contact Prof. Dr. B. Makhlouf Shaboubasma (Principal researcher) (email: makhlouf-shabou@hesge.ch)  or Dr Elizabeth Lomas  (Co-investigator) (email: e.lomas@ucl.ac.uk).