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The IGI is proud to announce that they have joined with leading non-profit and industry think tank organizations to form the new Coalition for Public Sector Information Governance Leadership. The Coalition will work to support the federal government’s efforts to modernize its records management infrastructure and implement information governance (IG) practices that have proven effective in the private sector.

Federal agencies are currently working to implement the initiatives outlined in the President's 2011 Managing Government Records Memorandum and the 2012 implementing directive issued jointly by NARA and OMB. By the end of 2016, agencies must manage both permanent and temporary e-mail records in an electronically accessible format. Starting in 2019, agencies must preserve all of the government's permanent electronic records in a digital format for transfer to NARA. These efforts are important to helping the federal government function more efficiently and to protect the privacy of the government’s constituency. The IGI is proud support for these efforts.

Joining the IGI in the coalition are the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), ARMA International, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), and Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM International). Together, the coalition will work to together to provide a strong resource for records management and IG efforts in the federal government.

"The Information Governance Initiative enthusiastically supports the mission of the Coalition, which includes assisting the National Archives and federal agencies in their efforts to transform federal recordkeeping practices in the digital age,” said Jason R. Baron, Co-Chair, IGI. “We thank ARMA International for organizing the Coalition and look forward to actively participating.”

The coalition will support the federal government in a variety of ways.

  • Private sector best practices that can be applied to the challenging world of the public sector, allowing federal agencies to leverage the lessons hard won by private sector IG professionals.
  • Forums to allow IG professionals in the federal government to work together to discuss what has worked, and what hasn’t, in their organizations.
  • Training for IG professionals to help them navigate their way to full compliance with the federal directives.

The IGI is proud to be part of this effort to help IG efforts in the federal government. There is a lot of potential for both the private and public sector to learn from each other and the formation of the coalition is a strong step in creating a more universal approach to IG.



We are honored to be recognized by the information governance (IG) community for our contributions to the discipline. Recently, the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) was identified among the top ten IG resources and organizations in a compilation assembled by Charter Supporter RSD. IGI was in good company, including some of our partners: AHIMA, ARMA International, ILTA, and MER.

IGI was also voted “finalist” in the Best Information Governance Resource category at the Information Governance Conference 2014. Barclay T. Blair (IGI Founder and Executive Director) won Best Information Governance Contributor, and his company, ViaLumina, was voted Best Information Governance Consultant.

We are grateful for these kudos from the IG community and look forward to contributing excellence to the discipline in years to come. Thank you!


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Collaboration to draw more attention to critical healthcare issue

CHICAGO – The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) to raise awareness of need for information governance (IG) in the healthcare community.

AHIMA is the first healthcare organization to partner with the IGI – a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank dedicated to advancing the adoption of IG practices and technologies – and will work with IGI leaders to advocate for IG as a vital component to quality healthcare.

In addition to collaborating on events promoting IG principles, IGI founder and chair Bennett B. Borden will join an AHIMA advisory group on IG issues. The advisory group will provide guidance on IG principles and encourage their acceptance across the healthcare community.

“As health information professionals, AHIMA and its members are keenly aware of the need for healthcare to govern its information,” said AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, FACHE, CAE, FAHIMA. “Trust in health information and high quality patient care depend on it. We’re delighted to partner with the IGI and look forward to collaborating on initiatives that advance IG for all.”

Founded by leaders in the field of IG, the IGI brings information stakeholders together to address issues surrounding big data and publishes research, benchmarking surveys and guidance for IG practitioners.

"The IGI and AHIMA have a common goal of educating information management professionals around the importance of establishing an information governance program," said Barclay T. Blair, founder and executive director of the IGI. "It was only natural for us to partner together to help practitioners understand IG, assess their needs, and establish value-generating IG programs at their organizations."

In addition to its partnership with the IGI, AHIMA is taking several steps to help healthcare organizations establish or continue to work toward a governing framework.

Activities include:

  • The first benchmarking survey of IG practices in healthcare and publication of white paper on the results in conjunction with Cohasset Associates
  • Establishment and convening of healthcare leaders and stakeholders to develop a framework for IG in healthcare
  • Establishment of an expert advisory group to review and provide input into IG development efforts
  • Development of resources and guidelines to aid in operationalizing IG in healthcare


We are pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with AHIMA - the American Health Information Management Association. AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals worldwide, with more than 71,000 members.

Like other information professionals, health information management professionals are starting to explore how Information Governance can help them achieve their goals of effective management of the health data and medical records needed to deliver quality healthcare to the public.

We will work to bring our research and content to AHIMA's membership, and they will share their insights on the management of health information with the IGI. We look forward to working with the AHIMA team.

More information on our relationship can be found below, in an article from the Journal of AHIMA.



Two notable developments cap off a productive Information Governance Month for AHIMA: a partnership with the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) and the creation of an information governance page for AHIMA’s website.

The Information Governance Initiative, which is run by Founder and Executive Director Barclay T. Blair, is a cross-industry consortium and think tank focused on promoting information governance efforts within a broad range of business types and industries. Its mission, among other goals, is to “advance the practice of information governance.”

Information governance is a broad activity with a large number of stakeholders, Blair said, which includes healthcare professionals. He noted that AHIMA’s membership owns information in a very challenging market that’s subject to overlapping and complex requirements and regulations. Because of this, information governance initiatives are vital to ensuring healthcare records meet compliance requirements and, at the same time, ensure the health and safety of patients.

“I think AHIMA’s membership has a lot of insight that comes in operating in that environment,” Blair said. “It’s very useful and very insightful for the other [Information Governance Initiative] stakeholders in this conversation.”

Blair hopes that IGI’s partnership with AHIMA—IGI’s first partnership with a healthcare organization—will help raise the profile of information governance.

“I think one of the problems shared across all sectors is that there’s been a lot of inattention to the importance of information, and that needs to change,” Blair said. “If it doesn’t change, frankly, I think that it’s a threat to our economy, it’s a threat to privacy, it’s a threat to the justice system.”

IGI has established a “Global Information Governance Day” on the third Thursday of February to raise awareness of the importance of information governance efforts for all industries that manage and use information. Blair recognizes that there are challenges and risks inherent in protecting health information. He says one of the biggest hurdles is the fact that health information doesn’t necessarily reside in one system.

“It can kind of pervade a lot of different systems and repositories in an organization, and ones we don’t necessarily think about. I think that makes it uniquely challenging,” Blair says.

IGI has created several videos on information governance, which AHIMA plans to share on its website, www.ahima.org, as a means of communicating information governance as a priority with its members and partners. One video answers the question “What is information governance,”while the other describes “The best way to fail at information governance.”

AHIMA has also launched a new information governance landing page, called Information Governance: Up Next. The page highlights AHIMA’s information governance expert advisory panel, tips for establishing information governance principles for healthcare, steps for developing an information governance maturity self-assessment, and tips for healthcare professionals who want to advocate for information governance.

The page eventually will serve as a repository for the findings of AHIMA’s upcoming survey on information governance initiatives in healthcare, conducted through a partnership with Cohasset Associates.

Photo CreditStephen Cummings