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Taking Control of Your Messaging Environment: A Cross-Country IG Roadshow

We are excited to once again be working with IGI Supporter Actiance on a series of intimate IG and e-discovery themed events across the country. The first date is January 19th in Dallas, TX – register here. IGI founder Barclay T. Blair will be speaking in Dallas, as well as Atlanta on February 16th. You can find more information about these and other dates and locations here.

This is the third series of events we have done with Actiance across the country. And, through them all one thing has become crystal clear: although email governance continues to bedevil organizations, it is no longer their most serious IG challenge. While most have taken some kind of action to tame email (e.g., blanket short retention periods; record/non-record folders; role-based classification; eliminating PSTs; promulgating policies and training), only the most sophisticated are addressing the massive challenge of governing an messaging environment that is only expanding in complexity and risk. In part this has been because of a lack of options when it comes to purpose-built solutions for integrated messaging governance. Actiance has set out to change that, and at these events they are sharing compelling stories about customers who have successfully tackled this challenge.

Most knowledge workers are using more than one form of digital messaging to do their jobs, and many are active in several different environments (whether they are provided or sanctioned by their employers or not). While purpose-build collaborative messaging systems like Slack, Yammer, Trello, Jabber and others present new challenges, so to do consumer-grade tools that are widely used at work, especially on mobile platforms. On top of that, an increasing number of applications provide native messaging capabilities, meaning that unexpected systems like stock trading platforms and industrial control systems may in fact contain messages that have serious value or risk, as well as legal and governance requirements.

We will discuss these issues and more at our events with Actiance. You will join an intimate group of your peers to explore these challenges and practical, available solutions to meet them. Participants in our prior two series have told us they received enormous value from attending. We look forward to seeing you there!