2015-16 Annual Report Sneak Peek: The CIGO Role is Essential to IG Success

The results are in from our annual survey of the information governance (IG) community. Thank you to everyone who participated. We will be releasing sneak peeks here on our blog until the report’s publication set for release at the Information Governance Conference 2015 which runs September 29th – October 1st, 2015. There is still time to register, if you haven’t already.

Our first peek into the 2015-16 Annual Report is about IG leadership. As many of you already know, in our 2014 Annual Report, we advocated the adoption of a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) role, as it has become readily apparent in the IG community that lack of effective leadership at a high enough level is a barrier to IG program success. Whatever you call the role, someone with sufficient authority and leadership skills is necessary to take charge of IG to drive programs toward success. The IG “buck” needs to stop somewhere.

We asked our community to indicate their level of agreement with the below statement about IG leadership which outlines the general contours of what we expect the CIGO role would be and issues its creation would address. A majority (67%) agreed that such an IG leadership role is needed, with 36% and 31% agreeing and strongly agreeing, respectively.

Senior IG role needed

The CIGO or its equivalent is an IG leadership role whose time has come. While not every organization will be ready for the CIGO role, today, we are witnessing the emergence of this new position in addition to less senior IG leadership roles. In future posts and in the 2015-16 Annual Report, we will explore in more detail how organizations have addressed IG leadership including where that role sits or reports within the organization.

We are excited to release the above infographic under a Creative Commons license that enables you to use it freely as you build support for IG at your organization. As this graphic may end up in slide presentations, we have done some of the homework for you and provided a slide deck, including the graphic and speaker notes which is also available for download at our community site.

Stay tuned for more infographics and slide decks in the coming weeks as we leak key data from our 2015-16 Annual Report ahead of its official publication at the Information Governance Conference 2015.