2015 IGI Awards Nominees Announced. Vote Now!

Have you encountered an IG professional, program, or provider that was exceptional? Many of us have, but until now there has been no easy way for us to acknowledge that excellence.

That’s why we are so pleased to announce the nominees for the 2015 IGI Awards, a new awards program for people and organizations achieving excellence in IG. The nominees for our inaugural awards are below, and public voting is now open, so vote today.

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  • The IG Professional of the Year award is given to the individual who has demonstrated excellence in the development of his or her company’sIG program in 2015. The nominees are:
    • Abhishek Agarwal, Chief Privacy Officer at Baxter International
    • Duke Alden, Vice President, Global Leader of Data Protection & Governance at Aon
    • Angela Amrine, Assistant Manager of Records & Information Management at Discount Tire
    • Courtney Ingraffia Barton, Senior Counsel, Global Privacy at Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
    • Vicki Lee Clewes, Vice President of Global Records & Information Management at McKesson Corporation
    • Aaron Crews, Senior Associate General Counsel and Global Head of eDiscovery at Walmart
    • Leigh Isaacs, Director of Records & Information Governance at White & Case LLP
    • Richard Kessler, Executive Director, Head of Group Information Governance at UBS
    • Tera Ladner, Group VP, Corporate Records and Information Management at SunTrust Bank
    • Mark LeMahieu, at Harley-Davidson Motor Company
    • D. Madrid, Senior Enterprise Content and Records Management Analyst at Tri-State G&T
    • Matt McClelland, Manager of Information Governance Office at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
    • Bruce Pfannenstiel, Director, Information Governance & Compliance at PPD, Inc.
    • Dorothy Dale Pollack, Director, Global Information & Records Management at GlaxoSmithKline
    • Joe Ponder, Vice President of Information Governance at LifePoint Health
    • Kurt Wilhelm, Director, Information Governance at NBCUniversal, Inc.


  • The IG Technology Provider of the Year award is given to an IG technology provider that has demonstrated excellence in its product in 2015. The nominees are:
    • Active Navigation2015 IGI Awards
    • Catalyst
    • Daegis
    • EQD
    • Exterro
    • Feith
    • FileFacets
    • FileTrail
    • Fortis Quay
    • Gimmal
    • HP
    • Iron Mountain
    • kCura/Relativity
    • Kroll Ontrack
    • Mindseye
    • Nuix
    • OpenText
    • Recall
    • Recommind
    • RecordLion
    • RSD
    • Valora Technologies
    • Viewpointe
    • ZL Technologies
    • Zylab


  • The IG Service Provider of the Year award is given to an IG service provider that has gone above and beyond with its offerings in 2015. Thenominees are:
    • DTI
    • Duff and Phelps
    • Doculabs
    • EQD
    • EY
    • Feith
    • Fortis Quay
    • GEN3i
    • Gimmal
    • The Holly Group
    • HP
    • Huron
    • iDiscovery Solutions
    • IDT911 Consulting
    • Iron Mountain
    • KPMG LLP
    • Kroll Ontrack
    • Recall
    • Special Counsel IG
    • Valora Technologies


  • The IG Evangelist of the Year award is given to the IG professional the IGI community agrees has done the most to advance IG in 2015, on both personal and professional bases. The nominees are:
    • Julie Colgan, Head of Information Governance Solutions at Nuix
    • Chris Dale, Consultant at e-Disclosure Information Project
    • Dean Gonsowski, Vice President, Business Development & Head of Global Information Governance at Recommind
    • Reed Irvin, Executive Vice President, Product Development at Viewpointe
    • Rich Lauwers, Information Governance Solution Architect at Nuix
    • Kon Leong, CEO at ZL Technologies, Inc.
    • Alison Lloyd, Editor at DOCUMENT Strategy (DS) Media
    • Randy Moeller, Records & Information Mgmt Governance Managerat Procter & Gamble
    • Sandra Serkes, CEO at Valora Technologies
    • Bill Shute, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Viewpointe
    • Robert Smallwood, Managing Director at Institute for Information Governance
    • Chris Surdak, Global Subject Matter Expert, Information Governance and eDiscovery at HP Software
    • Chris Walker, Principal at PHIGs Information Management Consulting Inc.
    • Allison Walton, CEO at Fortis Quay, Inc.
    • Steve Weissman, Minister of Process & Information Betterment at Holly Group

In addition to the above categories, awards will be presented for IG Excellence and CIGO of the Year.

The IG Excellence award is given to a company that has masterfully developed, advanced, and managed its IG program in 2015.

The CIGO of the Year award is given to the IG executive who has demonstrated excellence in his or her respective field, serving as a visionary trailblazer in the important emerging role.

Nominees and the award-winner for both the IG Excellence and CIGO of the Year awards will be determined by the awards committee.

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Thank you for taking the time to help recognize the folks and organizations who are working their hardest to advance IG on a daily basis!

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at InfoGovCon 2015, which takes place Sept. 29–Oct. 1 at the Hartford Convention Center. Tickets are available for the 2015 IGI Awards Ceremony or grab your ticket to attend the full conference.

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