IGI at ARMA International Conference

4 IG Questions You Can Answer with the IGI at ARMA International Conference 2015

Whether your organization is just beginning to explore information governance or looking for ways to formalize your existing approach, taking a critical look at your process and learning from other teams can help you make big strides toward success.

The ARMA International Conference is held annually to bring information professionals together to do just that: educate and inspire one another to stay ahead of a rapidly changing industry. This year, the show takes place October 5-7 in Washington, DC.

As you attend this year’s conference, network with peers, and dive into the sessions, we’re confident you’ll find answers to these five important questions.

  1. What are all the moving parts of a good IG program, and how do they interact? Every company is different, but the principles of a sound IG policy are often the same. What teams need to be involved, what interests are at stake, and what can you do to help them align?
  2. How can good IG prevent major security breaches? The media has been all over the high-profile security breaches that plague businesses in every economic vertical. Are there any IG best practices that can help lessen the impact of these breaches, or even prevent them?
  3. What’s your first step toward building your next IG project? You’ve gotta start somewhere—and the work never stops, either. How should you go about building your team’s next IG project?
  4. How can you build a career in IG? Information governance is in high demand, and it’s fueled by constantly evolving technology and business processes. If you’re in this fascinating space for the long term, which path should you follow toward the top?

At this year’s conference, we’ll be presenting several sessions to foster the discussion around these questions and more.

First, join us for an in-depth IG Boot Camp that will give you everything you need to dive into IG and begin implementing a program in your organization. You’ll come away with tangible next steps, tips for success, and hands-on experience building a project tailored for your team. The Boot Camp, entitled Getting Information Governance off the Ground: An IG Boot Camp, takes place before the full conference on Sunday, October 4 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

You can also find us at The Importance of a CIGO in Cybersecurity, where we’ll highlight the necessity of a strong leadership role for your organization’s IG and data security programs, on Tuesday, October 6.

Finally, Barclay T. Blair is presenting Wednesday, October 7’s keynote entitled IGgenius: Paving Your Pathway. We’re excited to hear the other panelists’ stories on the road to impressive careers in information governance.

If you’re attending this year’s show and would like to meet up with us one-on-one, use the online scheduler to book a meeting—we’d love to meet you in person.

The government symposium will also take place during the conference from October 5-6, sponsored by IGI Charter Supporter Iron Mountain and featuring Co-Chair Jason R. Baron. If you’re attending, find us at the showing of Decade of Discovery on October 5 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM, or the presidential debate on October 6.

We hope you’re looking forward to this year’s ARMA International Conference as much as we are, and we’re excited to see you there!

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