Actiance Executive Briefing Series

Are You Taking Reasonable Steps to Preserve Your Enterprise Communications? A Recap of Our Most Recent Executive Briefing

Join IGI Senior Fellow, Ann Snyder, at Actiance’s Executive Briefing series on June 29, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. The series looks at the various communication channels (e.g. unified communications, instant messaging, social media, and voice) employees are now using in the workplace. The series discusses how, “It’s not just about email anymore!” The Executive Series explores the information governance (and specifically eDiscovery) challenges these new forms of communication present and how your organization can take steps to find and preserve the enterprise communications to meet your legal, regulatory, and other obligations. Register here.

Earlier this month, IGI Co-Chair Jason R. Baron, joined the Actiance team in Charlotte, NC as part of the Executive Briefing Series.

At the briefing, recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were again a hot topic of conversation. A lively discussion led by Robert Cruz of Actiance involved how the new Federal rules amendments highlight the fact that parties who take “reasonable steps” to preserve evidence (including on social media) substantially reduce their risk of sanctions. The group also discussed how the rules embrace the adoption of reasonable IG measures including remediation of data.

The group considered how building a success story with small wins is one way to grow support for IG programs. While participants agreed that “IG” may still not be a very well understood concept in some quarters, we can make progress by reducing IG down to discrete, concrete projects involving remediation of legacy data, clearing legal holds, and setting up workable archiving policies for the capture of social media.

To learn more about how your organization can meet the challenges of new forms of enterprise communication, join the discussion. Attend one of the upcoming Executive Briefing Series events.

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