How Can You Build Your IG Program by Design? Take a Look at Our First IG Snapshot to Find Out

The IG community has told us that one of the most valuable things we can do for them is simply to share stories about how IG is getting done. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve with a new series of IG Snapshots based on our extensive benchmarking work. IG Snapshots tell a quick, real-world IG story and highlight the IT and management insights illuminated by the story. In our Executive Briefing Series supported by OpenText, we take a look inside five information governance programs to learn how practitioners are handling real life IG challenges.

In our first IG Snapshot of the series, we learn how Dan, an IG practitioner at a large pharmaceutical company is using what he has learned about e-discovery to build a world-class IG program.

A key insight of Dan’s strategy for handling unstructured information is understanding that not all information is of the same value. Dan is focusing on using the organization’s ECM system for content that is readily identifiable as the most valuable output of well-understood and structured business processes (such as R&D and common administrative functions like accounting and HR). His approach is to “embed” IG into the business itself by making governance an inherent part of the most important business processes. He believes that most of the company’s “official records” are found in those systems, and by connecting the ECM platform to them, he avoids having to rely on humans to identify, classify, or add management metadata to the records.

Learn More About Dan’s Experience:

·         Read our first IG Snapshot of the series. Download a copy at the IGI Community site.

·         To get your copy of IG Snapshots: What We Learned by Looking at Five Organization’s Information Governance Programs, download a free copy made available by OpenText.

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