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Change Management Is a Barrier to Effective IG Decision Making: Recap of Executive Briefing on Enterprise Communications

Join IGI Founder & Executive Director, Barclay T. Blair, at Actiance’s Executive Briefing Series on October 18, 2016 in Washington, DC.

 The IGI has partnered again with Actiance for a second Executive Briefing series. The series looks at the various communication channels (e.g. unified communications, instant messaging, social media, and voice) employees are now using in the workplace and discusses how, “It’s not just about email anymore!” The Executive Series explores the information governance (and specifically eDiscovery) challenges these new forms of communication present and how your organization can take steps to find and preserve enterprise communications to meet your legal, regulatory, and other obligations. See below for dates and locations to get a complimentary registration.

The most recent event in the Executive Briefing Series, held in Hartford, Connecticut this month, was attended by a mix of practitioners including those working in IT, legal, and compliance functions. While practitioners in attendance recognized the importance of effectively governing information created through these new modes of communication—including so-called ROT (information that is redundant, obsolete, or trivial)—some are still getting stuck on the road to implementation. Promisingly, one firm reported that it did have a working process to dispose of ROT. Getting rid of ROT is a doable task given current technology. Unfortunately, many others are still reluctant to pull the trigger to get rid of their junk despite the increased data protection risks and data management hassles it creates. It was noted, too, that recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure which some expected to ease fears about eliminating ROT haven’t yet changed preservation practices. Implementing a new approach isn’t just about the rules or technological capabilities, it is also about change management—getting people to behave differently. IGI research shows that change management is a major impediment to getting IG projects done, with a majority of IG practitioners (60%) identifying it as a barrier to effective IG.

Join us for the next briefing. Executive Briefings are intimate events where we share a wonderful meal, share what we have learned, and you share with your peers what you have learned. Space is very limited, so please register now for an Executive Briefing at a city near you.

The next event is in Washington, DC, where you will hear directly from IGI Founder & Executive Director, Barclay T. Blair.

  • October 18, 2016—Washington, DC

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