Does Your IG Plan Effectively Engage IT? Read This IG Snapshot to Learn How Working with IT Is Crucial to Success

The IG community has told us that one of the most valuable things we can do for them is simply to share stories about how IG is getting done. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve with a new series of IG Snapshots based on our extensive benchmarking work. IG Snapshots tell a quick, real-world IG story and highlight the IT and management insights illuminated by the story. In our Executive Briefing Series supported by OpenText, we take a look inside five information governance programs to learn how practitioners are handling real life IG challenges.

In our previous IG Snapshot of the series, we saw how Holly, the head of a mature and successful IG program at a large technology company, is trying to keep ahead of the curve at a company whose IG environment is moving at lightning speed. In today’s IG Snapshot, we learn how Andrew, an information leader at a state department of health, tasked with implementing ECM, effectively partnered with IT to get IG work done.

All too often, organizations take the dysfunctional approach of addressing governance issues after a system has been evaluated, installed, and configured. In contrast, when Andrew was given responsibility for implementing ECM, he engaged IT early in the process. Andrew got IT buy-in and support by helping them understand that the upcoming ECM implementation was not just another infrastructure project, but rather a project that would help IT solve an ongoing problem: how to control infrastructure costs while constantly improving their level of service to the organization. He also showed how his governance plan for ECM could reduce overall storage volumes and alleviate IT’s e-discovery burden by moving more content from the chaos of multiple discoverable endpoints into the ECM system. By engaging IT early, Andrew was able to maximize IT value while minimizing IG risks.

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