Don’t Forget Your End-Users When Implementing IG. Learn How One Organization Avoided This Common Pitfall with a People-First Approach

The IG community has told us that one of the most valuable things we can do for them is simply to share stories about how IG is getting done. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve with a new series of IG Snapshots based on our extensive benchmarking work. IG Snapshots tell a quick, real-world IG story and highlight the IT and management insights illuminated by the story. In our Executive Briefing Series supported by OpenText, we take a look inside five information governance programs to learn how practitioners are handling real life IG challenges.

In our previous IG Snapshot of the series, we saw how Dianne, an IG manager at a midsized bank built support for her IG efforts among business leaders at the bank by speaking their language. In today’s IG Snapshot, we learn how Ingrid, the information management advisor at a major insurance company overcame some inertia to IG success by making sure people are considered in her IG strategy.

Though Ingrid’s company had a sizeable IG budget, it has spent years struggling to improve management of its information environment without much success. Ingrid, who was asked to diagnose and fix this lack of progress, realized that the organization was operating on some fundamentally incorrect assumptions, including that the company’s records and information management goals and the goals of their employees are the same. She helped turn around the program, in part, by challenging this assumption and putting people first.

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