Executive Briefing Series Recap: Do You Have a “Shadow IT” Problem?

In recent weeks, the IGI has taken to the road with an Executive Briefing series hosted by one of our newest Supporters, Actiance. The series looks at the various communication channels (e.g. unified communications, instant messaging, social media, and voice) employees are now using in the workplace. The series discusses how, “It’s not just about email anymore!” The Executive Series explores the information governance (and specifically eDiscovery) challenges these new forms of communication present and how your organization can take steps to find and preserve the enterprise communications to meet your legal, regulatory, and other obligations. If you are in the Minneapolis area on May 17th, register to attend the next briefing.

Last month, IGI Co-Chair, Jason R. Baron, joined the Actiance team in Chicago as part of the Executive Briefing Series. The briefing included a substantial conversation on the issue of “shadow IT,” that is, the use of IT by end-users at your organization that is outside the formal approval process. Employees make “end-runs” around traditional IT departments for lots of reasons. Chances are your employees aren’t thinking about the legal, regulatory, or other obligations the latest new tech raises. They are using it because it works and is readily available to them. And, they are probably using it right now, even if you don’t know it. So what can you do?

An important step of any effective IG program is recognizing what employees are actually doing on their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and why. While the inclination might be to lock down and prevent all new forms of communication entirely, that may not be a winning strategy. People are using them because they work, and companies that enable their employees to work more efficiently will have an edge. A good IG program needs to address these new forms of communication. That includes developing policies and procedures to effectively govern their use as well as deploying technological tools to audit compliance and to effectively capture communications to meet legal and regulatory requirements as well as business needs.

To learn more, join the discussion, attend one of the upcoming Executive Briefing Series events. View a list of next dates and cities below.

• May 17, 2016 in Minneapolis, MN
• June 2, 2016 in Charlotte, NC
• June 29, 2016 in Atlanta, GA

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