IG Stories: Breaking Down Silos

IG Stories: Breaking Down Silos

Throughout our conversations with people in the IG community, we have been told repeatedly that hearing what other practitioners are doing is especially valuable to advancing the discipline of IG. The community is eager to learn from fellow practitioners’ answers to questions like: How did you get started with IG? How did you “sell” the program internally? What obstacles did you encounter and how did you overcome them? What are you working on, now—specifically, how are you achieving successful IG? In Stories in Information Governance: The IGI 2015 Benchmarking Report, we look at how some practitioners have answered these (and other) important questions, and we provide useful “tips” to practitioners based on those responses. In our blog series, IG Stories, we explore excerpts from the Benchmarking Report.

Today, we learn how one organization is breaking down silos to achieve IG success.

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Benchmark Snapshot

Vertical: Government
Size: Unreported
Program Maturity Rating: 1 – Initial (Self Ranking) / 1 – Initial (Our Ranking)
2014 IG Budget: Unreported
2015 IG Budget: Unreported

Benchmark Overview

Andrew is a records management leader at a state department of health. When enterprise content management (ECM) was assigned to his group, they made it clear that in order to do things properly, a commitment to IG was necessary. Currently, Andrew’s department is working on setting up SharePoint®, including drafting IG policies and procedures. They are also raising awareness of IG and its value whenever they can.

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Planting the IG Seed

Consultants can help get IG started at your organization or help to implement a specific project. Andrew’s boss is a supporter of IG; he brought in a consultant who did “a mile wide, inch-deep” analysis of their situation. The consultant then gave a presentation outlining a road map indicating how the health department might implement an IG program. Though IG lost momentum for a period of time due to a shutdown, that event sufficiently planted the seed, convincing the organization IG was important enough to move forward.

Ending Silos and One-Offs

Various functional areas charged with handling information or facets of IG can become isolated or “siloed.” This can lead to one-off projects that fail to consider the bigger picture of the role information plays inside an organization. IG promises to end this disconnected approach, consolidating the management and control of information.

When Andrew’s team was building support for their IG efforts, they shared their plans with IT first. Their presentation explained that information was not just IT’s problem and that a coordinated approach to IG was better. IT really appreciated that perspective instead of being the ones solely responsibleIGI Practitioner Tips Consider an Outside Expert for finding solutions. This more integrated approach helps ensure that all stakeholder interests are taken into account and the job is done right.

Practitioner Tips:

Shatter Silos

In the world of IG, silos and one-off projects simply will not work. Break down the walls between various departments that handle information. Demonstrate how a more coordinated effort to handle information adds value.

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