[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At conferences, meetings, and during the many hours we have spent interviewing IG practitioners for benchmarking interviews for our upcoming IGI 2014 Annual Report, the call has been loud and clear: IG practitioners want and need practical, real world examples of what can be achieved through information governance.

Our message is clear: Information governance success is possible. Our aim is to help organizations achieve it.

There are a host of powerful tools and techniques out there that will help you govern your information. But to tackle information governance, you need to know more than simply what is available. You need to understand how you can implement those tools and techniques in your own organization. You need ideas about how to get started. Our case study series is intended to address these very issues. It is designed to help you and your organization move forward by highlighting IG success stories from the real world.

Our first report in the case study series, Making IG Real: Six Stories from the Front Lines of Information Governance Success, provides several examples from the working files of IGI Charter Supporter, Active Navigation. These stories explore issues including: finding the right time and opportunity to implement an IG program, how IG can be used to clean-up data to remove junk and improve the quality of what is kept, and how IG can be used to better coordinate business functions.

Many organizations resist IG projects because they are concerned about business disruption. But there may be a way to easily avoid the problem. Our first case study showcases organizations that were intelligently opportunistic in the way they used breaks in the normal business cycle to tackle information governance.

  • Learn how the Royal Navy took advantage of the natural break at the end of a ship’s tour of duty and incorporated information governance into the routine maintenance cycle for every returning ship to clean its data and preserve essential military records and information.
  • See how U.S. Central Command implemented IG solutions at the conclusion of a military conflict and produced some of the highest quality records ever submitted to the National Archives and Records Administration.
  • Find out how the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) used the event of a divestiture of a youth center as an opportunity for a records cleanse and a chance to identify specific pieces of intellectual property.
  • Observe how a global oil and gas company amalgamated the data from recently acquired oil platforms into the company’s Engineering Hub while cleansing the data of junk.

But other business events can also present an opportunity to implement an IG strategy:

  • Learn how a massive international mining company used IG to meet the strategic requirement of consolidating global content from 17 separate locations into a SharePoint records repository.
  • Find out how a Tier 2 U.S. based financial services company used an IG program to improve access to data and reduce storage costs.

To read all of the details from these informative case studies, download and read the full report.

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