The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) is offering a one-day, information governance (IG) “boot camp” on Tuesday, October 14 in Chicago at kCura’s Relativity Fest. Relativity Fest, kCura’s annual conference for Relativity users, is a three-day, educational event including panels and a lab session.

IGI’s Boot Camps are offered in a seminar format with a series of working sessions designed to provide participants with a practical, hands-on approach to IG. This boot camp is the second in a series to be offered over the next months and through next year. The first is being offered at InfoGovCon on September 9, 2014.

“We have a wealth of experience about the processes necessary to implement an effective IG program. We also have very powerful technologies at our disposal. In short, IG is doable and organizations actually are undertaking IG projects, today. But just as when e-discovery emerged as a discipline, there is no need to reinvent the wheel or to start from scratch. Practitioners can and should learn from their colleagues’ successes—build on strategies that have worked and avoid approaches that have failed. Our IGI Boot Camps are a place for practitioners to get those very kinds of practical experience and insights from their peers. We are excited to offer a boot camp as part of kCura’s Relativity Fest.”—Bennett B. Borden (IGI Founder and Chair)

The IGI Boot Camp at Relativity Fest is designed specifically for corporate legal, IT, RIM, and compliance professionals. Barclay T. Blair, Bennett B. Borden, Jason R. Baron, and Jay Brudz—the IGI Executive team—will facilitate. During this interactive session, the team will discuss the results of a recent industry benchmarking survey, guide attendees through a workshop exploring the facets of IG and how to get an IG program started at your organization, and walk through a playbook of recommended steps for proactively managing your data using existing software—all to give you hands-on practice with running data remediation projects. Participants will walk away with practical experience that they can apply as they build and develop their IG programs.

“We’re excited about the addition of the IG Boot Camp to Relativity Fest. We always strive to deliver unique opportunities to learn and exceptional content at our conference that can’t be found in other venues. We also focus on providing tangible takeaways that attendees can use as soon as they get back to the office. The IG boot camp delivers on these fronts—providing you with an overview of the key concepts and industry benchmarks that you need to help form or advance your company’s IG strategy, to getting right into the weeds of showing you how you or your team can run a data remediation project in Relativity to reduce risk and cost within your organization.” –Nick Robertson of kCura.

There are two options for attending:

One-day pass: Access to the one-day boot camp, where you will learn about and workshop the core facets of information governance.

Full conference pass: Access to the boot camp, plus three days of Relativity Fest content, including a federal judges’ panel on e-discovery and a complete schedule of engaging educational sessions and hands-on labs.

To register for the workshop or the full show, please click here or contact relativityfest@kcura.com with questions.