The IGI will be participating in the upcoming Information Governance Conference (InfoGovCon) in Hartford, Connecticut on September 8-10, 2014. Jay Brudz (IGI Counsel) is scheduled to speak and Barclay T. Blair (IGI Founder and Executive Director) will keynote on the second day. IGI will also run an information governance “boot camp,” providing practical guidance for addressing IG issues. Stay tuned for more programming details.

In anticipation of the conference, the IGI caught up with Nick Inglis, InfoGovCon Co-Founder.

The IGI believes that bringing together the various facets that comprise information governance is the only way to achieve success in IG. As Nick Inglis explained, a similar line of reasoning went into the development of InfoGovCon.

“When we were coming up with the idea of The Information Governance Conference, we were coming together to discuss our thoughts on information governance. We didn’t really feel as though any of the conferences we had recently attended had really articulated an inclusive understanding of information governance, despite information governance as a topic with relative frequency. Records management focused events weren’t inclusive of privacy professionals, legal events weren’t inclusive of technologists, etc. We decided that we wanted to create an event to bring together all of the various stakeholders in this blossoming industry,” explained Nick.

Pricing is another way in which the conference organizers hoped to achieve their goal of inclusiveness. “We approached this conference, not as an event company but as folks in the industry. As such, we wanted to create an incredibly affordable conference to include all stakeholders to information governance,” said Nick.

On InfoGovCon’s partnership with IGI and on our role in the industry, Nick remarked, “The IGI is a necessary aspect of a burgeoning industry. This think-tank has already developed a solid definition for information governance and the quality of the team behind the project is ensuring the top thought leadership for the industry. We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with the IGI and will continue to be proud cheerleaders for the work of the IGI.”

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit the InfoGovCon website, here. Also, check out interviews with Barclay and Leigh Issacs (IGI Advisory Board member). Interview with Barclay, read more here. Leigh Issacs, read more here.