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Mark Your Calendar: IGI is Hosting a Google Hangout on E-Discovery and Information Governance in the Cloud on July 28

E-discovery can be considerably more challenging in cloud environments, particularly when migrations occur without much regard to information governance.

The good news is that by doing your due diligence prior to migration, your organization is able to take advantage of the transformative nature of the cloud while simultaneously making sure its data is secure and can easily be located, retrieved and produced should e-discovery commence—saving you time, money, and headaches.

To learn about what exactly that due diligence entails, please join the Information Governance Initiative on Tuesday, July 28, for a Google Hangout exploring e-discovery and information governance in the cloud. The Hangout—which begins at 2 p.m. EST—is hosted by Barclay T. Blair, founder and executive director of the IGI and features Tera Ladner, the group VP of corporate records and information management at SunTrust Bank and Bill Shute, the chief strategy and marketing officer at Viewpointe, an IGI Supporter.


During the Hangout, we’ll be talking about our latest research paper, E-Discovery in a Cloud-First World: Using Information Governance to Prepare & Protect Your Organization. We’ll also explore the features and characteristics you should look for when choosing a cloud provider.

Additional topics for discussion:

  • The cloud computing market continues to grow, and for good reason.
  • But there are still risks associated with moving to the cloud.
  • E-discovery can be particularly more challenging to conduct in cloud environments.
  • As such, it’s important to look to cloud providers that understand the importance of information governance.
  • Cloud migration is an information governance opportunity.

Moving to the cloud is a huge decision. But it’s one you definitely need to make, assuming you want your business to remain competitive. By partnering with the right cloud provider, your move to the cloud can be smooth, and you’ll be best positioned to conduct e-discovery should you need to sometime in the future.

The IGI Hangout program is designed to provide a discussion-based forum for critical IG issues and topics.

All members of the IGI community can attend the Hangout for free; please register below to attend.

Have a question you want to pose to Tera, Bill and Barclay? Submit a question or comment by leaving a reply below. Questions can be submitted prior to or during the event.

We look forward to hanging with you on July 28!