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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Remediation is more than mere deletion. It is an information governance (IG) process directed at bringing order to information. It is focused on the overall management of information including cleaning up, organizing, and migrating information. The overarching goals of a full remediation project are to retain information valuable or necessary to meet the organization’s business, legal, or regulatory objectives and obligations; to make sure that it is organized and accessible (including classification and migration, for example); and to ensure that information no longer useful to the organization is deleted in a defensible manner.

We delved deeply into the topic of remediation at our most recent IG Boot Camp at Relativity Fest (the annual user conference for kCura, an IGI Charter Supporter). We have published the results of that work in a new paper called “The Role of Remediation in Information Governance.”

In the paper, we:

• Define remediation.
• Provide an organizing principle for remediation.
• Provide a maturity model framework and methodology for remediation activities.
• Demonstrate that meaningful remediation is possible regardless of your information governance (IG) maturity.
• Discuss our latest research to explore what organizations are doing and planning regarding remediation.

To learn more about remediation, download the paper, today.

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