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New Enterprise Messaging Tech, New IG Challenges. A Recap of Our Executive Briefing Series with Actiance

Join IGI Co-Chair, Jason R. Baron, at Actiance’s Executive Briefing series on June 2, 2016 in Charlotte, NC. The series looks at the various communication channels (e.g. unified communications, instant messaging, social media, and voice) employees are now using in the workplace. The series discusses how, “It’s not just about email anymore!” The Executive Series explores the information governance (and specifically eDiscovery) challenges these new forms of communication present and how your organization can take steps to find and preserve the enterprise communications to meet your legal, regulatory, and other obligations. Register here.

Last month, IGI Senior Fellow, Ann Snyder, joined the Actiance team in Minneapolis as part of the Executive Briefing Series.

The briefing discussed why organizations need a comprehensive information governance strategy to effectively address the challenges of new forms of enterprise communication. While that strategy must include policies, procedure, etc., a major challenge presented by these new communication channels is what to do with them once litigation hits.

One specific challenge that was discussed was the implementation of legal holds. It was noted that leaving legal hold implementation to custodians is not always an effective strategy. First, legal holds can be disruptive and put a tremendous burden on end-users whose time might be better spent elsewhere. Second, leaving implementation to end-users can produce spotty results. It was noted that holds can be complicated or confusing, and end-users can, of course, make mistakes. Using automation—where possible—was discussed as a way to alleviate the burden and get better results during the legal hold process.

The group also discussed the implications of last year’s changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. While the new language appears to reduce the likelihood of sanctions for spoliation for accidental deletion of ESI (that is, no “intent to deprive” for use in litigation) after litigation is anticipated, several attendees note that their organizations or their clients are still showing reluctance to clean up information even before the threat of litigation is in the wind. There is still a lot of institutional inertia to overcome in “pulling the trigger” even when there are defensible disposition strategies in place.

To learn more about how your organization can meet the challenges of new forms of enterprise communication, join the discussion. Attend one of the upcoming Executive Briefing Series events. View a list of next dates and cities below.

• June 2, 2016 in Charlotte, NC
• June 29, 2016 in Atlanta, GA

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