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Download IGI’s Whitepaper: GDPR Myths & Misconceptions

This publication was written by the Information Governance Initiative as part of our ongoing series exploring issues, strategies, and techniques related to information governance. As part of our commitment to excellence and to maintain objectivity, the IGI will not recommend, evaluate, or endorse specific products, services, or providers. GDPR Myths & Misconceptions was made possible […]

2015 – 2016 IGI Annual Report Infographics

Infographics for the IGI Annual Report 2015 – 2016 in one slide presentation

2015-2016 IGI Annual Report

IGI’s 2015-2016 Annual Report Focuses on IG Leadership, IG Markets The 2015-2016 report builds on what we uncovered in the 2014-2015 inaugural Annual Report, an influential document that has helped shape many information governance programs around the world. We are seeing continued momentum in the results of the 2015-2016 report, which focuses more directly on […]

Download Our Newest Deep Dive Case Study on Pandora Media

How Pandora Tuned In to Information Governance To Take Control of Its Most Sensitive and Valuable Information Assets An IGI Case Study Usually when we think “Information Governance,” we think traditional, large, litigated and regulated organizations. But as more and more organizations come to understand the value of IG, this image is rapidly changing. Recently, […]

Download Our Newest Comprehensive Case Study on Les Schwab

As part of the IGI’s ongoing work to help professionalize and promote information governance (IG) we have the opportunity to see how hundreds of different organizations approach IG. Although every organization’s IG challenge is unique there are actually more similarities than differences in IG problems and their solutions. By looking at one organization’s experience with […]

Information Governance Benchmark 2017: The Business Value of Long-Term Digital Information

In 2016 we were pleased to work closely with IGI Supporter Preservica to benchmark the state of the industry on the critical issue of governing and preserving long-term digital information. Our Benchmark Report exposed the troubling dynamic that while virtually every organization (98%) needs digital information for longer than ten years, very few (16%) have a viable approach. This year, […]

IG and E-Discovery in 2017 and Beyond: A Discussion with OpenText

In our first webinar of 2017, we hosted a discussion with subject matter experts from IGI Charter Supporter OpenText. We talked about where e-discovery and IG are today and where they are going. We also talked about the thinking behind OpenText’s recent acquisition of Recommind, a pioneer in the application of advanced analytics to find, review, and […]

IG Snapshot: Taking a People First Approach to IG

IG Snapshots tell a quick, real-world IG story and highlight the IT and management insights illuminated by the story. In this IG Snapshot, we learn how Ingrid, the information management advisor at a major insurance company overcame some inertia to IG success by making sure people are considered in her IG strategy. Though Ingrid’s company had a […]