KM World Covers the Latest Best Practices in IG

The IGI is pleased to share the latest by KM World: a useful best practices whitepaper digging into the details of IG, sponsored in part by IGI Supporter Actiance, that includes the following perspective on the efforts of the Information Governance Initiative.

“The Information Governance Initiative, is widely credited with moving the discipline forward. It has legitimized information governance as a free-standing business exercise, distinct from enterprise content management (ECM). It is not seen as synonymous with information security but the two are most definitely related- or perhaps joined at the hip is a better way to phrase it.”

This whitepaper covers the latest best practices in IG including thought-provoking points such as:

– Information Value and Risk are Everywhere
– Your Policies Need to Reflect Today’s Communications
– Employees Need to be Directly Engaged in Design of IG Training
– Your Governance Tools Must be Designed for Today’s Communications
– The Likelihood of Governance Success is Directly Proportionate to Cross-Functional Involvement


To read this KM World September/October 2017 edition in full, click here.