Save The Date: Chief Information Governance Officer Summit in Chicago May 9-10


It’s time for the Fourth Annual Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) Summit on May 9th & 10th in Chicago at the beautiful DBR Skyview Conference Center. The CIGO Summit is a by-invitation-only, executive event for senior leaders in cybersecurity, information management, law, privacy, data analytics, records management, compliance, and other IG-related disciplines.

A major theme at the 2017 CIGO Summit was information accounting: how do we calculate the value, risk, and cost of information, and how do we use that insight to drive responsible and informed business decisions about the fate of our information? At the 2018 CIGO Summit, we will expand on our findings and experiences around the rapidly evolving world of information accounting. Some other topics will be evaluating imperative new regulations like GDPR, how compliance strategies and requirements play a bigger role in companies now more than ever, and how data-driven leadership is transforming business practices through analytics.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Your registration will indicate that you will be put on a “Waitlist,” which means that we will review your registration and contact you within 48 hours. Providers of IG products and services may not register.