Bringing Control to Information in a Cloud-First, Office 365 World: New IGI Case Study

We recently launched our new series of case studies about how professionals like you are tackling IG. In the first Snapshot we looked at how privacy compliance and IG work hand-in-hand to reduce risk and increase information value.

Our second Snapshot, entitled, IG in the Cloud: BringingControl to Information in a Cloud-First, Office 365 World, focuses on Williamand how he took advantage of his firm’s “cloud first” strategy to leverageOffice 365® and other cloud capabilitiesto bring order to information chaos.

You can read this use case and others here.

About IGI Snapshots

IG Snapshots are compact case studies drawn from IGI’sinterviews and discussions with our community of IG practitioners. IG has asignificant impact on legal and reputational risk as well as corporate andcompetitive strategy. As such, many organizations are reluctant to be profiled.We developed our Snapshot series to address this challenge with a format thatprovides as much real-world insight as possible while ensuring anonymity.