So You Have Email (kind of?) Under Control. What’s Next?

Find out at our new multi-city Executive Briefing roadshow with IGI Supporter Actiance.

Most of us are doing something to govern email, whether it’s just simple mailbox size limitations or more mature approaches like retention folders, legal hold systems, connections to content management repositories, or role-based governance.

However, you only need to look at your own smartphone to see that IG is no longer just about email, and has not been for a long time. In fact, the range of messaging systems that we must govern seems to grow each day. Tools that once seemed to be designed for teenagers are in the enterprise (Snapchat e-discovery, anyone?). In addition to the shadowy enterprise adoption of consumer messaging services, a crop of enterprise-oriented communication platforms has arrived. On top of this, unrelated enterprise software and services continue to bolt on messaging capabilities as they seek to drive adoption and engagement with the platform (for example, we have an IGI member who recently discovered thousands of out-of-compliance messages bubbling away in the messaging bolt-on of a bond trading platform). Finally, many analysts have posited that chat-based engagement is the future of everything from apps to (“conversational”) commerce itself.

Best practices for governing these novel forms of communication are starting to emerge. To help you get a grasp on them we are excited to be hitting the road with IGI Supporter Actiance for a round of Executive Briefings focused on these issues. In this new series, we will be digging deep into how organizations are using a plethora of communication channels (e.g. unified communications, instant messaging, social media, and voice) and the risks and rewards they offer from an IG and e-discovery perspective. We will also share our latest research and analysis of emerging best practices for getting these environments under control – without stifling the organic communication and collaboration they are designed to enable.

Executive Briefings are intimate events where we share a wonderful meal, share what we have learned, and you share with your peers what you have learned. Space is very limited, so please register now for an Executive Briefing at a city near you.

The first event is coming up in Houston, where you will hear directly from IGI Founder & Executive Director, Barclay T. Blair.

August 30, 2016—Houston, TX
• September 22, 2016—St. Louis, MO
• October 4, 2016—Indianapolis, IN
• October 11, 2016—Harford, CT
• October 18, 2016—Washington, DC

Registration is complimentary. Register here now.