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Webinar: How to Keep Your Mission-Critical Data Safe in a Cloud-Connected World

How to Keep Your Mission-Critical Data Safe in a Cloud-Connected World

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][button title=”RSVP to Attend” type=”linkbutton” color=”blue” align=”aligncenter” url=”https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=4w4s211bnmpw” target=”_blank”][vc_column_text]Today, businesses of all sizes are facing real challenges to cut costs, and streamline processes to operate more efficiently – and they’re looking for innovative ways to get the job done. To that end, cloud computing offers enterprises countless benefits, including the cost savings and flexibility […]

Mark Your Calendar: IGI is Hosting a Google Hangout on E-Discovery and Information Governance in the Cloud on July 28

Meet our newest supporter iDiscovery solutions

E-discovery can be considerably more challenging in cloud environments, particularly when migrations occur without much regard to information governance. The good news is that by doing your due diligence prior to migration, your organization is able to take advantage of the transformative nature of the cloud while simultaneously making sure its data is secure and […]

What the Shift Away from Traditional Enterprise Content Management Means for Information Governance

While traditional enterprise content management (ECM) platforms were designed to give organizations more control over their information, these systems never really enjoyed widespread adoption thanks to poor user experiences, extended rollout periods and the rise of BYOD, among other things. Where ECM platforms have failed, however, enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) tools—those which allow […]

E-Discovery & Information Governance in Today’s Cloud-First World

In today’s data-driven business world, organizations that fail to manage and exploit their information—particularly when it lives in the cloud—will fall behind their competitors and expose themselves to unnecessary risk and cost. Information governance is essential when organizations are evaluating, selecting, and migrating to a cloud provider. Put another way, it is clearly irresponsible for […]


Is the Consumer Cloud Growing Up?

Today more and more enterprises are moving their business processes to the cloud to save money, get their products to market faster and operate more efficiently. At the same time, their employees are also adopting cloud services that enable them to do their jobs better and with more mobility. However, the problem is that IT […]