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Is Your Archiving Strategy Broken? Our New Benchmark Shows that Most Organizations are Making Poor Choices for Protecting Long-Term Digital Information

Goverance of Long-Term Digital Information

In our previous look inside The Governance of Long-Term Digital Information: An IGI 2016 Benchmark, we saw that most practitioners (98 percent) reported that their organizations keep or need to keep digital information long term (more than 10 years). Today, we explore where organizations are keeping that information. What we find is that often the […]

Is Your Long-Term Digital Information at Risk?–Take a Look Inside the IGI’s New Benchmark To Learn Why It Is and What You Can Do To Protect It

Digital Preservation Benchmark

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Today, much of the information we create is born digital. Because most organizations keep digital information long term for various, business-critical reasons, they need to integrate digital preservation into their information governance (IG) strategies to make sure that information is protected and accessible into the future, or they risk not having that information available […]

IGI’s New Industry Benchmark Exposes the Grave Threat to Information Over the Long Term

Digital Preservation Benchmark

Our new Benchmark reveals that most organizations cannot ensure protection and access for critical long-term digital information despite accelerating legal and business requirements. It also calls for immediate action and provides insight and guidance to help organizations achieve compliance. Our research reveals that the majority of organizations do not have a coherent long-term strategy for […]

Preservica Joins the IGI and Supports New IG Research

Preservica IGI Supporter Survey Preservation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are pleased to announce that Preservica has just joined the Information Governance Initiative as a Supporter. The IGI’s work is supported by leading providers of IG products and services who join us in our mission to promote the adoption of information governance as the best practice for protecting and monetizing data. Preservica provides digital […]