In our next look inside the IGI Annual Report 2014, we explore what information governance (IG) projects are under way at organizations today. The full report and related infographics are available for download now at: www.iginitiative.com/community (registration required).

As part of our research, we asked practitioners to identify what projects they were doing or planned to do in the next twelve months. We asked providers to answer the same question with respect to their clients. The results of our survey are presented in the infographic below.

IG Graphic_10 v5_L

As the above infographic shows, the top three projects were the same for both practitioners and providers. Foundational projects (e.g. updating policies and procedures and implementing a corporate governance framework for information) and risk-focused efforts (e.g. data consolidation and clean up, defensible deletion, and implementing legal hold tracking) were well ahead of more value-focused projects, like big data analytics.

These results may simply reflect the maturity of IG as a discipline or the origin of the discipline in risk-based activities. Notably, however, the project rankings also reflect a logical order in developing an IG program. Developing a framework or ensuring that policies and procedures are up-to-date are logical precursors to other steps in IG. Data consolidation and cleanup and migration of data, for example, are remediation steps that not only reduce the risk of unmanaged information, but are generally necessary to the effective sharing and exploitation of that information. The project ordering, thus, may reflect the fact that the market understands that certain foundational steps need to happen first so that they can operate freely and realize the value of their information. IG is at the core of our ability to do that.

The above infographic is released under a Creative Commons license that enables you to freely use it as you build support for information governance at your organization. We have also provided a PowerPoint deck including this graphic and speaker notes.

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