2017 CIGO Summit Day 1 Presentation

2017 CIGO Summit Day 1 Presentation

Our 2017 conference kicked off with Mark Milone, Senior Counsel at the Boeing Company. Mark is the lead attorney advising Boeing’s Information & Analytics organization. Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace and defense contractor.

A major theme for the 2017 CIGO Summit was information accounting: how do we calculate the value, risk, and cost of information, and how do we use that insight to drive responsible and informed business decisions about the fate of our information? Mark is in the process of answering this very question in an incredibly vast and complex organization that generates incredible volumes of incredibly valuable intellectual property, but also vast amounts of precision manufacturing, quality assurance, and compliance data that must be managed and valued.

We were privileged to have Mark come to our CIGO Summit and share his story about:

• The approach he is developing to valuing information and determining information risk and cost

• What he has learned so far on his journey at the world’s largest aerospace and defense contractor

• The leadership lessons he has learned on his journey that you can use as you move forward as an information leader

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